Mobile payments and mobile loyalty have proven tough nuts to crack. But it’s not for want of trying, and two retailers here in the UK are determined to shape the future, right now.


After its innovative checkout system debut in Starbucks last year, digital payments company Square is back in the news. This time it’s working with Whole Foods, in a deal that will see the rollout of 14.02.11-Square_Standinstore iPad-based ‘Square Stands’. The versatile points of sale will be popping up everywhere including coffee bars, sandwich counters and juice bars, in a bid to dramatically reduce waiting time for customers. Better still, if customers install the Square app, they can check-out through their smartphone, without swiping a debit card. Cool.

One of the problems for mobile payments to date, is that no single solution is winning through. That won’t be helped by the announcement that Weve and Eat are to trial a new mobile loyalty scheme, called Pouch. Pouch is designed to eliminate the need to carry physical loyalty cards, but is also integrated with iBeacon technology, meaning a consumer’s location can be tracked through in-store markers, and tailored messages can be pushed to them automatically. Very cool.

download (2)

Having recently partnered with Mastercard to bring ‘mobile tapping’ payments to the UK market, Weve are pulling out all the stops to optimise the consumer shopping experience. Leaders?

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