KLMIt’s the first thing we ask when off on a city break: what are the must-sees? But it’s pretty easy to lose track of all the recommendations.

Enter KLM, and their ‘Must See Map’. Seemingly keen to grow their CRM, they’ve built a tool for use by any traveller, irrespective of who they’re flying with, with data capture at its heart. After selecting their destination, users are asked to enter their email address to ‘save’ the map. They are encouraged to share the map on various social media, asking friends to pin their recommendations as they go. If preferred, users can just add their own itinerary. Cleverly, when the map is ready, KLM offer to send a physical copy of the map to the user’s address. And in the process they gather a second layer of consumer data. [Take a look].

It’s not all gravy, though. The tool is so focussed on collecting data, it loses focus on the consumer, and the brand messaging: there is no option for a mobile delivered end-product, and the maps can take up to three weeks to arrive…

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